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    The Department of Commerce was started in 1980 with Pre Degree Course and was elevated to a Degree department in 1982. Later in 1995, the department was upgraded to a Post Graduate Department and in 2008, to a Research Department. Now the Department offers B.Com (finance), M.Com (finance) programmes and Research leading to Ph.D. The first Head of the Department is Prof. Majeed, who was deputed from Collegiate Department of the Government of Kerala. Subsequently Dr. K K Unus Kutty, Dr. O. Wilson, Dr. U. Nazarudeen, Prof. K Jalaludeen and Dr. V Jayaraju led the department. Dr. Unus Kutty, Dr. M Shahul Hameed, Dr. U. Nazarudeen and Dr. U. Abdul Khalam from the department led the College in the capacity of Principal of the College. Presently, Dr. Kumari V. K. Shyni is serving as the Head of the Department. Other faculty members are Dr. Samna M, Dr. Pradheesh S, Dr. Santhi G Nair and Dr. Saleena A. S.

  • Programmes

    Program NameCreditsSemestersDurationSyllubus
    M. Com. Finance
  • Faculties

    Prof.(Dr.) Kumari V. K. Shyni


    Professor & HoD

    More About Prof.(Dr.) Kumari V. K. Shyni

    Dr. Samna M


    Assistant Professor

    More About Dr. Samna M

    Dr. Pradeesh S


    Assistant Professor & Research Guide

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    Assistant Professor

    More About DR. SANTHI G. NAIR

    Dr. Saleena A. S.


    Assistant Professor & Research Guide

    More About Dr. Saleena A. S.
  • Achievements

    National Seminars Conducted by the Department

    Sl.No. Year Topic Funding Agency
    1 2009 Business and Sustainable Environment UGC
    2 2015 FDI in retailing - Kerala scenario UGC


  • Research

    There are Four research guides in the department and has a total of 16 research scholars. Three scholars were awarded Ph.D under the supervision of various research guides of the Department. Now one scholar has submitted her thesis and is awaiting open defense.

    Minor Research Projects

    The department has undertaken and completed eight Minor Research Projects funded by UGC.

    Publications & Presentations of Faculty members

    Sl.No. Name of Faculty Papers presented in International seminars/conferences Papers presented in National seminars/conferences Research papers published
    1 Dr. U Nazarudeen 1 5 5
    2 Dr. U Abdul Khalam 1 5 5
    3 Dr. JS Sudhir 1 6 6
    4 Dr. V. Jayaraju 1 6 6
    5 Dr. Kumari VK Shyni 1 5 6

    Participation of Faculty members in National/ International Conferences / Seminars/ Workshops

    Sl.No. Name of Faculty Participation in International seminars/conferences Participation  in National seminars/conferences Participation in Workshops
    1 Dr. U Nazarudeen 1 5 5
    2 Dr. U Abdul Khalam 1 5 5
    3 Dr. JS Sudhir 1 6 6
    4 Dr. V. Jayaraju 1 6 6
    5 Dr. Kumari VK Shyni 1 5 6
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