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    The department of Zoology starts its function in 1968. It functions as a main department which offers B.Sc. Zoology main (Core) with Chemistry and Botany as subsidiary (Complementary) subjects from 1993 onwards. Prof. John Mathew was the first Zoology lecturer of the college. He was followed by Prof. Ramani Balakrishnan, Prof. N Kamaluddin and Dr. R. Jayaprakash. Now the department is headed by Dr. Sheeja V.R.

    The Department is provided with a well-equipped laboratory. The Department stands for academic excellence in all respects. The faculty members are active in research and have national and international publications. So far the department has conducted many Science talks, Photo Exhibitions, Training programs for bird watching and butterfly watching, Book Fair, Blood group testing camps, quiz competitions, remedial coaching for weak students etc. The Department had conducted two national seminars and one regional seminar. Department had completed one minor project.

  • Programmes

    Program Name Credits Semesters Duration Syllubus
    BSc. Zoology with Chemistry and Botany as complimentary courses.
  • Faculties

    Dr. SHEEJA. V. R


    Associate Professor & HoD

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    Dr. Sajeena Muhamed. S


    Assistant Professor

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    Assistant Professor

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  • Achievements

    National Seminars

    Sl.No Year Topic Funding Agency
    1 2012 Waste Management with special reference to Vermiculture and Vermicompost UGC
    2 2015 Threat Status and Biodiversity of Fish Fauna of Western Ghats UGC

    Regional Seminars

    Conducted regional Seminars on different topics such as ‘Zoonotic Diseases’, ‘Biodiversity &its Conservation’, ‘Cancer Cytogenetics’, ‘Seminar on Butterflies’ and ‘ Diversity and Conservation of Odonates.’

  • Research

    Publications & Presentations of Faculty members

    A minor research project entitled "Documentation of Animal Biodiversity in Peringammala Panchayath - a Hotspot in Western Ghats was sanctioned from UGC and implemented by the Department. "

    Sl.No. Name of Faculty Papers presented in International seminars/conferences Papers presented in National seminars/conferences Research papers published
    1 Dr. Sheeja V. R. 2 6 2
    2 Dr. Sajeena Muhamed .S 2 4 2
    3 Smt. Babida A   1  

    Participation of Faculty members in National/ International Conferences / Seminars/ Workshops

    Sl.No. Name of Faculty Participation in International seminars/conferences Participation in National seminars/conferences Participation in Workshops
    1 Dr. Sheeja V. R. 2 13 4
    2 Dr. Sajeena Muhamed .S 3 8 2
    3 Smt. Babida A 2 8 2
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