Research Projects

Research Research Projects

Research Projects

List of Major Research Projects

Sl.NoName of InvestigatorDepartmentTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyStatus
1Dr. L. Abdul KhalamPhysics“Tuning the electrical properties of Magnesium Niobates as Dielectric Resonators/ substrates in Wireless Communications”KSTECCompleted

List of Minor Research Projects

Sl.NoName of InvestigatorDepartmentTitle of ProjectFunding AgencyStatus
1Rahumath SHistory"Role of Gandhian Organization in socio economic developments – A case study o f Thiruvananthapuram District"UGCCompleted
2Dr. Faizal. SChemistry"Synthesis Characterization and Pharmacological Activities of Some Eu(III) Complexes with Shiff Bases of Sulphanilamide."UGCCompleted
3Dr. P. Anil KumarHistory"Socio - Economic Background of Tsunami victims in Kanyakumari District"UGCCompleted
4Dr. J. S. SudhirCommerce"Industrial Relations in Small Scale Industries in Kerala during the post liberalisation Period"UGCCompleted
5Dr. Kumary V. K. ShyniCommerce"Job Satisfaction of Women Employees"UGCCompleted
6Dr. V. JayarajuCommerce"Ethical Issues in Eco Tourism"UGCCompleted
7K. Suresh BabuMathematics"An analytical study of health problems of Tribals using Fuzzy Matrix"UGCCompleted
8Rani VineetaEnglish"Giving voice to the invisible issues – A Study of Homosexuality & Third Gender – Plays of Mahesh Dathani"UGCOngoing
9Adabiya HHistory"Social & Economic Condition of Tribals in Peringammala Panchayath with Special Reference to Kanikkars"UGCCompleted
10Dr.R.SumeshHistory"Origin and Decline of Jainism in Southern Tamilnadu : A Critical Study"UGCSanctioned
11Dr. L Abdul KhalamPhysics“Dopant effect and cation substitution on the dielectric properties of Sr(RE1/2Ta1/2)O3 microwave ceramics”UGCCompleted
12Dr. L Abdul KhalamPhysics“Electrical Properties of High-K Materials”UGCCompleted
13Sree Roop. S. SPhysics"Study on the molecular Weight Variations of Methylene Blue Dye Sensitized Polyvinyl alcohol Acrylamide Polymers (MBPVA/AA) for Holographic Applications"UGCCompleted
14Dr. V. R SheejaZoology“Documentation of Animal Biodiversity in Peringammala Panchayath - a hotspot in Western Ghats”UGCCompleted
15A.AbdulAyubBotany“Studies on the Riverarian Ecosystem in the Vamanapuram river”UGCCompleted
16Dr.M.M.ShajivasBotany“Meliolates on Acacia auriculata”UGCCompleted
17Dr.P.NusaifaBeeviBotany"Biochemical characterization of taro (Colocasiaesculenta (L,) Schott)"UGCCompleted
18Dr.M.Kamarudeen KunjuBotany"Conservation of Rare and Endemic species of Western Ghats"UGCCompleted
19Dr. R. RoshniHindi"Reality Consciousness and values depicted in the works of Govinda Mishra "UGCCompleted
20Dr. R. RoshniHindi"Social Problems depicted in the fictions of Govinda Mishra"UGCCompleted
Executive Summaries of Projects

1. Social and Economic Conditions of Tribals in Peringammala Panchayath with Special Reference to Kanikkars - Ms. Adabiya. H Click Here to View

2. Socio - Economic Background of Tsunami victims in Kanyakumari District - Dr. P. Anil Kumar Click Here to View

3. Role of Gandhian Organization in Socio Economic Developments – A case study of Thiruvananthapuram District - Rahumath S Click Here to View

4. Origin and Decline of Jainism in South Tamilnadu: A Critical Study - Dr R Sumesh Click Here to View

5. Giving Voice to the Unheard : A Study on Transgenders and Homosexuals with Special Reference to the Select Plays of Mahesh Dattani - Rani Vineetha.Click Here to View