About Us principal


Dr. U. Abdul Khalam

Iqbal College is one of the leading academic institutions in the higher education sector of Kerala since 1964. It has a long and proud tradition of excellence in training, teaching and research in a number of academic disciplines. Its alumni has made outstanding contributions to academics, governance and industry. The reputation, the college has acquired and established over these years of its excellence is due to the dedication and selfless commitment of teachers, supporting staff, and the students. I am happy to note that the management of the college has clear and proper vision and is constantly equipping the college to attain its vision and mission. The webpage of the college, which has been in existence for quite a few years, providing useful information to one and all and about its various facets, has recently been redesigned. I hope that in this new look, it will be even more informative to those interested in college activities. Wishing you all the best...

1Dr. C. K. Karim 1964 -1965
2Prof. Drowpathy Amma 1966 - 1967
3Prof. Tiffreth M. M. 1967 - 1969
4Prof. N. Kesava Pillai 1969 - 1979
5Prof P. A. Alikunju 1979 -1981
6Prof A. Abdul Vahab 1981 - 1995
7Prof. P. M. Abdul Rahim 1996 - 2000
8Dr. K. K. Unus Kutty 2000 - 2005
9Dr. M. Basheer 2005 - 2006
10Prof. M. Abdul Sathar 2006 - 2008
11Dr. K. K. Unus Kutty 2008 - 2010
12Prof. M. Abdul Sathar 2010 - 2014
13Dr. M. Shahul Hameedu 2014 - 2016
14Dr. U. Nazarudeen 2016 - 2018
15Dr. U. Abdul Khalam 2018 Onwards

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