Studentsupport Clubs


1. Science Club

Science Club strives to enrich scientific knowledge and curiosity through an adventurous and challenging curriculum that develops students' character, responsibility, and consciousness ready for challenges in the 21st century. The Science Club provides educational and social activities for students interested in the natural sciences. The club creates a comfortable environment in which students and faculty can grow in their knowledge through the sharing of ideas within the college and in the community.

2. Sports Club

Sports club along with physical education department promote sports and games in the campus. The club pays special attention in identifying young talents.

3. Debating and Quiz Club

To trigger the skills of students in knowledge up gradation, debate and quiz. The club conduct weekly competitions in the campus. It also gives chances to meritorious students to attend competitions outside.

4. Library and Book Club

It aims to activate students skill towards reading and impart guidance for the proper selection and purchasing of personal books. It also aims to familiarise new trends in literature.

5. Performing Arts and Folklore Club

Objective of this centre is to perceive the value of culture, to cultivate a synergetic cultural behaviour among students and to mould them into good citizens. Various cultural programmes are organised under the auspices of this committee, in association with various Government, NGOs and other cultural organisation.

6. Environmental Club

The two components of nature, organisms and their environment are complex and dynamic, interdependent, mutually reactive and inter related. Conservation and maintenance of natural resources are very significant in the present context. The student have a major role in achieving the above goal. Awareness and action programmes are arranged by the club on these lines.

7. Film Club

The club aims at critical and scientific study of the media of films. Screening of documentary and feature films and film appreciation programmes are organised by the club.

8. Forestry Club

The club aims to impart basic knowledge to students about the conservation and maintenance of forest wealth and its sustainable use.

9. Music Club

Activities of the music club shall help to provide proper training to the students in classical and other forms of musical rendition.

10. Tourism Club

A well organised tourism club is functioning in the college to generate awareness about the socio economic importance and potentiality of tourism industry in employment. The club organises various programmes in association with DTPC, KTDC and Tourism department.

11. Health Club

Maintenance of physical and mental health is an important parameter for the survival of the human being and also for the construction of a healthy nation. To serve the above purpose a health club is functioning in the college. It aims to give necessary health awareness to the students. It conducts medical inspection programmes and medical camps.

12. Entrepreneurship Development Club

Govt. of Kerala has ordered to organise EDC in every higher education institutions to inculcate an entrepreneurial attitude among the students. Industrial and Collegiate education Departments jointly supervise the activities of EDCs.

13.Anti - Narcotic Club

The Anti - Narcotic Club was formed in the college with the express purpose of organizing programmes like campus, workshops, seminars, campaigns, pamphlet distribution etc. against alcoholism and drug abuse among various sections of society, and the youth of today in particular. The club has largely succeeded in bringing the campus community to a proper understanding of the issues involved in the use of alcohol and drugs. Notice boards have been put up at various locations in the campus to exhibit literature on this social evil.