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    Hindi is the National Language of India. Hindi stands third in the list of most widely spoken languages in the world. A national language is the mental body of the nation. India being such a diverse country, it is not possible to learn all the regional languages. So Hindi is like bridging the gap language. The nation projects its feelings through the medium of languages. Strong language skills are an asset that will promote a life time of effective communication. 

    The Department of Hindi, in Iqbal College was established in 1964 as Additional language. It combined Indian and Western critical theories to develop a unique course on criticism and linguistics, which retained the insights of ancient wisdom combining it with recent developments in the discipline. The modified syllabus is well suited for teaching of literature and Hindi, criticism, poetics, linguistics and history of literature with emphasis on its deliverance for contemporary society.

    The faculty of the department has taken many assignments to organizing extension lectures every year throughout the academic session especially in translation.

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    Program Name Credits Semesters Duration Syllubus
    Additional Language Course for students of all First degree Programmes
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    Dr. Roshni R


    Associate Professor & HoD

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     Seminars Conducted by the Department

    1. One day seminar on 'Bhasha Ke Madhyam Se Samskaroon Ka Aadan Pradhan' by Prof. Muhammed Kunju Metharu(Rtd. Professor, University of Kerala)
    2. One day seminar on 'Bhasha Vivarthan Mei Hone Wali Katinayiyam'
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